Christ Church Cathedral is the Cathedral for the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts.  

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Welcome to the website of Christ Church Cathedral.

The most important thing that I can tell you about our Cathedral is that it is marked by Easter joy – as a parish family, and as the mother church of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. ...more.


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                                    The Lighting of the Cathedral

The Stewardship and Parish Life Committees warmly invite everyone to a “Light Supper” on Sunday, October 19, at 5:30 PM, in order to celebrate “The Lighting of the Cathedral.” The menu includes homemade chicken soup and homemade carrot and kale soup, assorted breads and rolls with herb butter, brownies and ice cream. At the conclusion of the meal and a brief presentation about our stewardship, we will move outside and throw a switch to watch the Cathedral become a beacon for the city. Please RSVP by calling the Cathedral at 736-2742 or send an email to juliethansen@comcast.net. And if you prefer to not drive at night, please call the Cathedral to arrange for a ride.

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“The Light of Christ” – Part 4

(This is the fourth in a series of stories on the cover of the Chronicle, brought to us by our Stewardship Ministry Team. As we prepare to pledge a portion of our financial resources for the ministry of our Cathedral in 2015, various parishioners reflect on the theme of this year’s stewardship drive – “The Light of Christ at Christ Church Cathedral”.)
In seeking to find the light of Christ at our Cathedral, I am drawn to our vision statement.
Gathered. We are gathered into a community that finds the light of Christ in one another. We come from many diverse backgrounds, as we’ve joined together in a common goal of supporting each other in our daily efforts to live our lives in accordance with the Gospels of our Lord;
Transformed. We find the light of Christ in our Eucharistic worship services, as we are inspired and led by our clergy, our choir and our lay ministry. We join together, not only in worship, but also in smaller groups that enrich our communal lives through Bible study and other pursuits of parish life. Through community, we are transformed by the light of the Holy Spirit; and
Sent. Community is only a foundation, for the light of Christ must also extend beyond the walls of our Cathedral, through our mission to help our neighbors. As we seek to alleviate the scourges of poverty, abuse and mental and physical afflictions, we bring the light of Jesus Christ to those who feel they are losing their struggle with life’s many adversities.
This simple vision statement, “Gathered, Transformed, Sent” summarizes who we aspire to be. And our Stewardship is an important way to bring this vision to life, so that the light of Christ can shine brightly through us.
- Bob Sawyer

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 The Seven Deadly Sins Redeemed

Since the early days of the Christian Church, a listing of “Seven Deadly Sins” has highlighted fallen humanity’s tendency to sin. In this fall’s Cathedral Adult Education offering, seven articulate and faith-filled speakers will address these Deadly Sins and point us to the redemption that may be found in God’s grace. Here is the fourth offering!
Tuesday, Tuesday, October 21, at 6:30 PM
Speaker – The Rt. Rev. Douglas Fisher
On December 1, 2012, Douglas J. Fisher was consecrated as the Ninth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts. Prior to his consecration, Bishop Fisher was the Rector of Grace Church in Millbrook, New York. He is a graduate of St. John’s University and the Episcopal Divinity School. He likes the Yankees...

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