Please keep Rev. Tom Callard and his family in your prayers. They had a bad house fire this morning(Sunday Sept. 6th). They are all safe and OK.

 “First convert me and then comfort me.”

My Friends,

It was as if my life suddenly went from being in the leisure of slow Summer months to suddenly being filled every moment with activity and things to do. It happens every September/October, but this year, even more so. It reminds me of a prayer I heard once, where the petitioner prays to God, “First convert me and then comfort me.” I don’t remember asking that of God, but it feels like God is doing it right now, converting me, with the promise that somewhere down the road I will also be comforted.

Conversion is first. It is the first thing that God demands of us, whether we are awakened to a new reality in life, or called to envision a new insight about ourselves, or molded into a new shape. Conversion is the difficult part, the part that is painful and annoying at times, because it is the work of growth, and growth is almost never easy, especially if it’s true growth. Conversion is first. But then, also, mercifully, comes the comfort. I rejoice in that, we can rejoice in it, that the God who converts us also comforts us in equal measure.

I wonder with a new Priest-In-Charge at the Cathedral what you have experienced of this process of change, what the changes have meant to you with letting go of one way of doing things and one steady voice and a priestly presence, and finding yourself with another one that is different. Perhaps it’s been a moment of discomfort or conversion. Perhaps not. In any event, I invite you, whatever this experience has been, to know that all of us will also find comfort in time.

We pray today for all who are, right at this moment, through your care, in the difficult process of conversion. For the sick and the dying. For those letting go of things or people, and those in transitions in their life. For those being converted, unwillingly, through the events of their lives. And for those who are being converted happily through your grace. May all soon find comfort in your presence. In Christ,





UPDATE FROM Fr. Tom 9/11/2015


Dear Friends,

Thank you all for the outpouring of support and love, and for your prayers. My family and I are fine. Despite this huge disruption of our lives we have no doubt that we will be able to rebuild our house and resume things more or less as they were. Physically we are all okay. 
Here is the short version of what happened - on Saturday night shortly after we fell asleep I smelled smoke. Thanks be to God it woke me up. We tried to put the fire out, but it advanced quickly. We ran out of the house just with the clothes on our back and my daughter's cell phone. She called 911. We moved the cars out of the driveway. The Fire Department arrived shortly after that, and for a few hours they worked to put out the fire and stop it from spreading to the neighbors. 
The Red Cross helped by putting us up in a hotel and the next day we began the work with the insurance company.  The house cannot be saved. The roof is gone, and there is tremendous damage from the fire and the water. Most of our possessions are also gone, except for some clothing and everything in the garage - tools, bicycles, a hammock, etc. 
We are blessed that insurance will allow us to re-build the house, and will take care of giving us temporary housing, furnished, until we can move back into Oregon Street. They will also cover the contents of the house that were lost. The claims process is a long one, I am told, but slowly it is beginning. We are in the process of getting computers, phones and clothes. All of the rest will come with time. 
Next week we will start to move back to our routines and the children will return to school. I plan to do some work next week but to not really begin work again until the 20th, and then return to the office officially on Tuesday the 22nd. 
People have been really amazing and gracious with offers of help. If you would like to make a donation to the recovery fund of the Cathedral, that would be the best way to help. We plan to use what we need to get back to where we were, and then to maintain a fund through the Cathedral for others who pass through similar circumstances. 
In the past few days I have met God's angels again and again, people with whom I have shared the faith. People have shared their testimonials about passing through difficult times. Folks have also given me the blessing of being able to receive, which is sometimes even harder than being able to give. I feel the love and the prayers of the community, our friends, my neighbors. I feel it in a way I never have before. It is amazing that when you go through something like this, you find just how blessed you are. 
Thank you all,


Financial donations; an especially helpful gesture at this time. You may use Paypal by selecting the button below or checks can be made out to  Christ Church Cathedral with the words 'Recovery Fund' in the memo line and can be mailed, dropped off or put in the offering plate. Contact Susan Forrest at treasurer@cccspfld.org.


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Announcement from the Rt. Rev. Douglas J. Fisher


House Fire: The Rev. Tom Callard


Many of you have seen the news coverage of the devastating house fire in Springfield that began late Saturday night.  The home of the Rev. Tom Callard, Priest-in-Charge of Christ Church Cathedral, and his family was completely destroyed.  I thank God that Tom, his wife, Sagrario, and the two children at home that night were unharmed.  There is, however, undeniable grief for what was - a home lovingly filled with the everyday and the irreplaceable.  Even as we feel relief and gratitude for the safety of our dear friends, we offer our prayers and our love to them as a sign of God's abiding presence in both joy and in suffering.



How You Can Help


The Callards' home was fully insured.  In the next day or so, they will be receiving funds to rebuild, refurnish and begin again.  I am using the 'Bishop's Discretionary Fund' to help with immediate needs.  The family has been offered fully furnished homes to stay in until they can decide about their next long-term plans.  The people of Christ Church Cathedral have been organizing their efforts to help.  They have established the 'Callard Family Recovery Fund.'  If you'd like to make a contribution, please contact Burt Hansen by email or phone (413) 636-3768


Although this house fire is a tragedy, our brother, Tom and his family are safe.  The Church is responding with love and generosity.  I've even heard from other bishops who wish to assist us with prayer and support.  Blessed be God who at work in us can do infinitely more than we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).


+ Doug

The Rt. Rev. Douglas J. Fisher

IX Bishop of Western Massachusetts

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