Christ Church Cathedral is the Cathedral for the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts.  

Dear friends,

Welcome to the website of Christ Church Cathedral.

The most important thing that I can tell you about our Cathedral is that it is marked by Easter joy – as a parish family, and as the mother church of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. ...more.

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Dear friends,

When pondering where in Christ Church Cathedral I have found God, it is simple: in the people.
I have encountered God in a variety of ways through the good stewards of the church. Before we even set foot inside the Cathedral for the first time, it was a wonderful couple who came upon us outside looking perhaps a little lost and unsure of ourselves and said to us, 'We just happen to be the greeters today' and proceeded to not only walk us in, but also walked us through that first service in what was for us, a different denomination.
A few of my many other encounters with God include the various people that have helped guide my children in the many groups and activities that they have participated in, namely nursery, children’s choir, the Christmas pageant, Sabatina and Vacation Bible School.
I encounter God every time a lector reads the Word of God, to which I am happy for the opportunity to be able to participate in that way as well.
I encounter God every time I receive the Body and Blood of Jesus from the Eucharistic ministers.
I encounter God through the angelic voices of the choir, which fill the church each Sunday.
I also encounter God every time I walk into Christ Church Cathedral, seeing the familiar faces of the people of this Cathedral that I have come to know.
Faithfully, Kim Zeno

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